Truffle Old Fashioned


2 oz Sabatino Black Truffle Butter fat washed bourbon*
3⁄4 oz demerara simple syrup (1:1)
3 drops vanilla bitters (Bob’s recommended)


  • Stir all the ingredients with ice, then strain into a rocks glass over a large ice cube. 

GARNISH: Sabatino Sliced Black Summer Truffles in EVOO, or fresh truffle slices. 


*How to fat wash with Butter: For every 1 liter of bourbon, you will need 8 oz of Sabatino Truffle Butter. Let the butter come to room temperature then spread the butter on to 2 deep lip sheet pans. The more surface area the better, which is why sheet pans are ideal. If this is for large volume, cover all the sides of your cambro. Pour in the bourbon onto the butter covered sheet pans. You’ll need to keep these refrigerated and let them sit for at least 48 hours. Fine strain.

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