After using your truffles, you’re bound to have bits and pieces left over. We don’t let anything go to waste- so neither should you! We have a few ways you can save the leftover bits:
Butter: Grate or chop the scraps into tiny pieces and fold into butter. You can then store the butter in the freezer, so the next time you make steak or eggs, you can add some onto it!
Cheese: Grate or chop the scraps into tiny pieces and fold into cheese. Easiest worked into soft cheese like goat cheese or cream cheese and store in the refrigerator. You can also slice your favorite hard cheese and add truffle pieces to each layer, wrap, and then store in the refrigerator. 
Freeze: You can freeze the leftover truffles to use in the future for blending purposes, such as blending into soups or mixing into pates. 
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